Thomas W. Hayes Architecture, Inc. - Salisbury, MD

A Salisbury based local professional design firm, established in 1993 to provide the highest level of Architectural Services to its remarkable client base. This firm is very diversified, multi-talented and maintains a standard of quality that has rapidly become the trademark of the firm's success. Our organization has a strong focus and expertise in the Commercial, Hospitality, Recreational and Residential type projects. We are ever cognizant to the client's project budgets and needs. We provide on a regular basis problem solving solutions to the puzzling and overwhelming building process in the ever-changing codes and regulations enforced in government today. Our Clients recognize our honesty, sound professional ethics, strong client relations and good communication skills that have attributed to our many recall customers.

We are licensed in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Our skilled production staff are equipped with "state of the art" computer software and equipment to implement cost-effective measures on every project. We are confident that our high level of building design and production quality is affordable and unsurpassed. We invite you to call Mr. Thomas W. Hayes, AIA, the firm's principal-in-charge, for an appointment to discuss your project needs with us at anytime.

Last Updated: June 9, 2008.

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