Thomas W. Hayes Architecture, Inc. - Salisbury, MD

THOMAS W. HAYES ARCHITECTURE, INC. has a Production Department that is completely automated with the latest releases of drawing software and equipment. In comparison to the past manually drafted documents, the incorporation of " Vectorworks Architect ",CADD program, on all of our projects has saved our clients a great deal of money. The "Vectorworks Architect" program not only allows us to design, draft technical and two dimensionally, but also to take concepts and designs to the next level through three dimensional computer modeling of interior & exterior views of the project. File sharing and layering of plans, are important aspects to good customer service, as it streamlines all phases of our projects. When working with our consulting teams, who sometimes utilize the AutoCAD Drawing Program, we translate the electronic file in a Direct Exchange Format (DXF) process that allows the different CADD products interchangeably and still maintain the flexibility of utilizing layers, text blocks and various other drawing tools. We are proud to bring this precise drawing tool to any of our projects. And when the project is finished on budget and on time, our customer's return for more.

Last Updated: June 20, 2008.

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